July 10, 2017

Adjuster FAQs

Adjuster FAQs Advanced Adjusting


Could You Tell Me a Little Bit More about Your Company?

Advanced Adjusting LTD was formed in 2005 when a group of investors completed a series of meetings designed to expand their long-term success in underwriting and servicing of National crop insurance. The investors saw the need and opportunity for a property and casualty adjusting company that could supply skilled adjusters supported by cutting-edge technology existing in their Amarillo, Dallas and Kansas City offices. With 16 sequential years of success in the industry, the investors and principles already had in place the vehicle of success necessary to expand into the burgeoning property and casualty insurance adjusting market.  With the acquisition of key personnel, experts in the P&C field, the company was prepared to launch its newest operation. Our company handles daily and catastrophe property and liability claims. We are experienced with daily claims hurricanes, floods, ice storms, hail storms, wind storms, tornados, fires, etc. Advanced Adjusting also provides top-of-the line adjuster training in our “Practical Adjuster Training” course and “Xactimate” courses.


What are the benefits of Being an Advanced Adjuster?

We understand the frustrations adjusters can encounter. Many of our executives have spent years as insurance adjusters. Some of your past frustrations might include:   poor fee schedules, insufficient information provided to work the claim, delayed payments, constant changes in report formatting, guidance not available on ambiguous issues, difficult claims processing software, expensive software, unclear deployment procedures, lack of available claims, or lack of integrity.

Advanced Adjusting strives to alleviate as many of these frustrations as possible by offering:

  • Competitive fee schedulesOur adjusters receive 60% of the fee schedule the carrier is paying to us on Daily Claim Assignments and 65% to intermediate adjusters on catastrophic work and 70% to GA type adjusters. The fee schedule varies from carrier to carrier, but all fee schedules that our company agrees to are very competitive.  NFIP adjusters in general earn 70% on claims.
  • Prompt payment via ACH transfers: Advanced Adjusting pays adjusters promptly upon receipt of payment from our clients.  Our accounting department processes payments and issues direct deposits to the adjusters twice a month.  Storm severity determines whether the company holds back any payment.  Most times 100% payment is made once Company funds have arrived.  We don’t want you to wait any longer than we do.
  • Clear, pre-arranged claims handling protocols: We strongly believe in proactive claims handling.   Before we work the first claim we work closely with our clients to develop a Claims Handling Protocol which is client specific and lets you know exactly what the client is expecting.
  • Carrier specific certificationsWe don’t expect you to know all of the protocols that we have arranged with the carrier. Upon issuing of claims you will be equipped with all the information you need to get the job done.
  • Adjusting software discounts: When possible we work directly with the software vendors to obtain group discounts for the purchase of the leading industry software.
  • Availability of guidance regarding ambiguities: If you’re lost regarding how to handle a difficult issue while working a claim, you’ll have a direct line to help. During a CAT you’ll be working under a Team Leader and a Storm Manager who will be available for your assistance.  For all daily work our management team is prepared to help answer any questions that you may have.
  • Customized Claims Management System (FileTrac):  Our tested system may be the easiest and most efficient claim tracking system you’ve ever used. We’re certain you’ll be pleased.   It is very user friendly and will help you be proactive on each and every claim as well as track your progress.  File Trac can also help you keep up with which claims have been paid by Advanced and which ones are still outstanding so that you don’t have to run seperate accounting systems.
  • Honesty and Integrity in all of our relationshipsAdvanced Adjusting operates with the highest ethical standards from top to bottom.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and expect the same from every adjuster.


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