May 30, 2017

Insured | Claims Assistance

Please reference the below documents for your assistance with handling your claim.

Insured Contents Worksheet – please use this worksheet to identify any damaged contents and their pertinent information

Flood Questionnaire – Flood claim questionnaire, please fill out and return to adjuster directly or fax to 866-345-8548

Insured Flood Handbook – Flood handbook for the insured, basic information regarding your flood loss and the steps that proceed in the flood claims process.

Handbook affidavit – Affidavit to be signed acknowledging the receipt and review of the insured flood handbook (see above)

Flood Dwelling policy – Flood dwelling policy outlining the coverages, provisions and exceptions of a residential dwelling.

ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance) pamphlet – Speak with your adjuster or a team member at Advanced to see if this may apply to your situation.

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