June 4, 2017

Catastrophe Claims Administration and Adjustment

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Catastrophe Claims fall into two categories at Advanced Adjusting, Hurricane and Non-Hurricane.  In our  Hurricane Catastrophe program, we understand the chaos that can develop with such devastation and  wide-spread damage.  To that end, we start months in advance with the introduction of our company’s  service protocol. We teach our managers, examiners, adjusters and customer service personnel the  process, culture, mindset and requirements that they must embrace to be part of our team.  We then  introduce our adjusters to specific protocols and insure they have a demonstrated awareness of the  expectations of each client.

We recognize that large events such as hurricanes create resource strains that, at best, can be described  as difficult. To respond and prepare for these situations Advanced Adjusting has a development program  targeting the young adjuster, manager and CSR. This program allows these individuals to supplement  resources during major events by providing enhanced management, oversight, partnership programs,  and detailed QC for the development of the personnel.

In preparation for Hurricane Catastrophes we analyze the Policies In Force (PIF) for our clients and,  based on the geographic location, event size and strength, and expected percentage of utilization by our  client, develop a target resource need. We then recruit, train and manage the resources to meet the  obligation made to the client. We develop initial “First Responder” teams that are prepared to handle  the highest severity claims first. This team is activated when landfall is imminent and are staged within a  safe zone, as determined by the Operations Manager. Once the area is safe to enter, this team is  deployed to the area ready to receive assignments.

Non-Hurricane Catastrophes are generally related to smaller geographic areas and come in the form of  flooding, hail and wind storms and tornados.  These events typically require fewer adjusting resources.  However, the requirements for Advanced Adjusting remain consistent. To properly address these  specific “pocket” events, we develop smaller teams spread out through the US based potential hazard  areas for our clients.  These teams are put through the same rigorous protocol that our Hurricane and  Daily claim support staff attend.  Through a closely monitored relationship with the client, we identify  these “pocket” events and match them with the appropriate response teams.  Due to the extensive  geographic distribution of our resources, we cover a wide area of the US.

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