June 4, 2017

Non-Catastrophe Claims Administration and Adjustment

Advanced Adjusting recognizes the challenges a carrier faces when making the decision to outsource  daily claims services to an independent service provider. Our systematic approach to recruitment and  the commitment to the training process for our staff provides a confidence level in our clients that we  earn through our implementation of these services.

Our process is methodical and calculated.  Based on  the service needs of our clients, we develop the geographic area based on the resources available in that area. Through training, management, positive re-enforcement and a full array of support services, we  enable our daily field adjusters to develop the skill set needed to satisfy the expectation of our clients.  Our strength in the Southeast has been demonstrated with a number of our clients, resulting in expansion outside this geographic territory.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not limited to the  areas where we have existing resources. Our development process, training protocol, team  management approach, and support service allow us to develop where our clients need us the most.

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