October 21, 2019

Flood- File Reviewer Application Form

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Adjusting. Maintaining our quality working environment requires us to carefully select every individual we send into the field.

Fill out my online form.

A large part of delivering on the promises we make to our clients is assigning specialized claims to adjusters who are experts in that given field. If Advanced Adjusting has a commercial fire claim, we’re going to assign that claim to the adjuster in the area with the most commercial fire experience. The profile updates allow us to scan our database not just for adjusters in the area, but more specifically for experienced adjusters for the specific type of claim our client needs handled. When you update your profile you’re not only informing us of your experience, you’re also helping yourself by increasing your chances of being assigned claims in your area of expertise.

What We’re Looking for in a Resume
The main thing we’d like to see in your resume is your work experience related to insurance adjusting. We’d like to know which positions you’ve held in insurance related industries, and a brief description of the work you managed in each. We’d like to know which estimating software you are familiar with and how many claims you’ve written using each. We’d like to know which companies you’ve worked daily claims with and which companies you’ve deployed with for catastrophe work. We like to know where your expertise lies in insurance adjusting. Please feel free to mention other non-insurance related experiences that you have, but please provide the bulk of the detail regarding experiences you have had related to the insurance adjusting industry.

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